Meet Wizzy
The PFP of the PFP Wizard Project!

Wizzy is the protagonist of the PFP Wizard project, a unique digital artwork created by Alice Callegari, a talented Italian illustrator. Each trait of Wizzy has been thoughtfully designed to offer an infinite variety of combinations, making each Wizzy a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Wizzy OG will exist in a maximum of 7,331 unique assets.
The Wizzy OG drop sold out, the only way now to become a Wizzy OG owner is the secondary market.

Attributes and Traits

Wizzy boasts 11 distinct attributes and a total of 166 unique traits.
On the same PFP, both male and female genders are represented, allowing for a diverse range of expressions and styles. These traits, managed by a set of rules ensuring their correct composition, include a wide range of features, from hair style to clothing, to facial expressions. The combination of these traits offers over 1.5 billion possibilities, ensuring that each Wizzy is truly unique.

Wizzy Examples
6 total traits
Female 3 traits Male 3 traits
21 total traits
Female 6 traits Male 6 traits
29 total traits
Female 18 traits Male 11 traits
32 total traits
Female 13 traits Male 10 traits
16 total traits
Female 2 traits Male 5 traits
8 total traits
Female 1 trait Male
10 total traits
Female 4 traits Male
9 total traits
Female Male
7 total traits
Female Male
11 total traits
Female Male
17 total traits
Female Male

Common PFP Perks

Owning a Wizzy comes with several advantages:
☞ Exclusivity: Each Wizzy is a unique digital artwork, guaranteeing its owner a one-of-a-kind piece.
☞ Ownership Rights: Wizzy owners have full control over their digital asset and can trade, sell, or use it as they please.
☞ Recognition and Status: Owning a Wizzy confers a special status within the PFP Wizard community, granting access to exclusive roles and special benefits.
☞ Customization: Wizzy owners will have access to exclusive add-on layers that can be added to their PFP via a dedicated Discord bot, allowing them to further customize their digital asset.

Exclusive Wizzy Perks

Wizzy offers a variety of exclusive perks that make the experience even more rewarding for its owners.

Instant Win: Special Mints and Traits [it's over]

During the OG drop, the special mint numbers listed here will receive a reward of 250 WAX each:
#111 / #420 / #777 / #1111 / #1337 / #2222 / #3333 / #4444 / #5555 / #6666 / #7331

During the OG drop, some Wizzy traits offer instant prizes.
Here is a detailed list of the prizes and their corresponding requirements.

Wizzy with WAX hoodie WAX hoodie
Prize 25 WAX
Clothing trait required WAX hoodie
331 unique PFP Odds 4.52%
Wizzy with WUFFI shirt WUFFI shirts
Prize 50,000,000 WUFFI
Clothing trait required WUFFI blue / pink / purple
82 unique PFP Odds 0.37% each (1.11% tot)
Wizzy with Gem hand Hand with Gem
Prize NFT Gem (crystal / emerald / ruby)
Hand trait required Gem blue / green / red
606 unique PFP Odds 4.8% blue / 2.1% green / 1.3% red
Wizzy signed Signed
Prize 1,000 WAX
Special trait required Signed*
12 unique PFP Odds 0.16%

*Special Prize: The artist has curated 12 PFPs with a specially selected combination of traits, each bearing the signature of the author.


Breeding in the Wizzy universe offers Wizzy OG owners a captivating opportunity to pair their OGs during special events, creating new PFP offspring.
Through an intuitive interface, owners select OGs to breed. The traits of the parents are random mixed to produce unique children. In this process, partnerships with other collections will be promoted, introducing specific collaboration traits for each new generation. All while prioritizing security because the assets will never be moved from the owner's wallet.

Magic Power

The rarity score of Wizzy will be integrated with the Magic Power given by the PFP Gems, influencing the status and rewards in the PFP Wizard community, such as the monthly raffle that has been giving away NFTs worth around $100 every month.

Farm and Earn

You can stake your Wizzy PFP on the WaxDAO Farm v2 to earn Meme Tokens!
The Farm is non-custodial, this means that the assets will not leave your wallet.

The first season ends on May 30th and allows you to earn $CHAD. The farm consists of ~5B CHAD. Each individual Wizzy OG guarantee 1,337 CHAD/h during the season.

The second season will start on June 1st, will last until the 30th and will allow you to earn WUF. The farm consists of 1,717,171,717 WUF. Each individual Wizzy OG guarantee 325 WUF/h during the season.

While waiting for the second season there will be 5 airdrops at random times to distribute 1,337 WUF for each Wizzy OG owned. Nearly 50M WUFFI will be distributed in this way.

WUFFI Pawtnership

Thanks to the partnership with WUFFI we can reward Wizzy OG owners who are at the heart of our PFP Wizard community.
Here you can find the WUF allocations obtained from the PFP Wizard project and the usage details of each single WUF received.

Future Expansion

The PFP Wizard team is constantly working to introduce new perks and expand opportunities for Wizzy owners. Upcoming initiatives may include discounted drops in collaboration with partner projects, token or NFT airdrops, and the ability to participate in third-party WAX games through non-custodial stake.

Apex Conquest x Wizzy

The first opportunity to use your Wizzy OG is already active with Apex Conquest, a WAX-Metaverse game where you stake a deck with a Commander and 10 Troops to battle the Dark Gate. During battles, you select a token from the supported WAX community, such as WUF, NEFTY, TLM, BRWL, MSOURCE, and more. Winning depends on the pool size, with higher token value offering better rewards for your troops. Troops can perish, but the Commander remains safe and gains experience over time, enhancing success and loot returns.
Play Apex Conquest Now!

Don't miss the opportunity to own a unique and exclusive digital artwork.
Stay tuned for the launch of Wizzy!

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