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PFP Wizard Wizzy
Volume 7 days $ 336.58
Volume 7 days $ 269.21
ACK aliens ACK aliens
Volume 7 days $ 213.08
WAX Ape Rave Club WAX B'Apes
Volume 7 days $ 152.22
Pixel Journey Pixal
Volume 7 days $ 109.93

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PFP Wizard Wizzy
Floor 40.00 WAX ($2.65)
Drawn Company Kar-en TMP Action Figure
Floor 6.00 WAX ($0.40)
Vulnerability Agents Virtual Memory
Floor 200.00 WAX ($13.24)
Hyper Husky Hyper Husky
Floor 50.00 WAX ($3.31)
Aquascapeart WabiKusa
Floor 30.00 WAX ($1.99)

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WAX Ape Rave Club WAX Ape Rave Club
Volume $ 83,699.45 Sales 5,530
Astral Apes Experimental Bananas
Volume $ 35,979.21 Sales 6,375
Wax Bulls Swag Club Wax Bulls Swag Club
Volume $ 18,686.10 Sales 4,108
Lembas Succubi Cult
Volume $ 15,708.80 Sales 278
WAX Ape Rave Club WAX B'Apes
Volume $ 11,604.39 Sales 2,007

Upcoming Drops

Wizzy Wizzy
Drop status Sold Out
Kar-en TMP Action Figure Kar-en TMP Action Figure
Drop status Ended
Virtual Memory Virtual Memory
Drop start Ongoing
Kar-en Goes Pop Kar-en Goes Pop
Drop status Sold Out
Hyper Husky Hyper Husky
Drop start Ongoing

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